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What You Should Know Before You Begin Pressing Own Records To Vinyl.

The vinyl records took the 80s by storm and today they are making a comeback even with the more advanced options of today. Vinyl making process is something many classic music lovers of today love to unravel. The vinyl pressing process has a lot involved, it takes you to understand all that goes here to appreciate the process a little better. You need to understand that there are some limitations with the medium, vinyl records are physical and the dimensions means there is a limit to the amount of records you can have on them. The modern day devices have a lot of storage that and if that’s is still not enough you can go for virtual storage and that is like endless storage.

The grooves on a vinyl record have to maintain a certain distance from each other otherwise they end up interfering with the groves on the other side. If you are a pressing a vinyl record on your own it can be stressful to fit a lot of playtime in the disc. Due to the physical limitations you can’t rule out the fact that you could be forced to cut some parts of a record some which you enjoy. Technology has transformed and there is almost no industry that has remained the same but vinyl making has held on to its original process of craft. But looking at the process there is no need to change it. To make the record, music is fed into a special cut stylus which etches grooves on the blank disc as it proceeds.

This is the master, its application is in creating stamping plates and they are inverse of the former. Heat is applied to the process where it molds the vinyl, negative impressions are stamped on the heated vinyl to transfer the grooves. When placed on a record player the grooves will create music. The process may sound simple when put down but the truth is that you cannot make vinyl records without the ideal equipment. Some companies are making new record presses but they are quite costly if you want to own one personally. Pressing plants use old machines, they are disappointing due to constantly breaking down and the fact that they work with a lot of maintenance.

Releasing records therefore suffers a lot of delays due to these problems. The records don’t come cheap at all, the process of pressing however deserves it especially if you are doing it yourself. The demand for the records keeps going up but the plants to cater for the demand does not measure up. The work involved in pressing records to vinyl is a lot but at the end of the process its worth every ounce of effort.

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