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Operating Hours of Felicia Marie Located in Rome

Felicia Marie is a place which is located in Rome and it is described as a place where you can enjoy your vacation in a perfect way since it provides beautiful scenery. There are delicious food which are offered in this place and they are considered to be one of the best in the whole world and also some culture and history about this place. The Felicia Marie operates for 24 hours and it is located in a place where you can have a beautiful view of Italian city. The schedule of this place is usually structured as follows.

So as to be able to start your day in a fresh way there is a caffeine which is offered in External city in the morning. This place is brilliant and it expresses the course that you expect to get in this place. Due to the central location of Eustachio II Caffe this place is usually perfect to begin with since it is also lauded to be the best in Rome. There are delicious pastries which one is requested to try them and they are offered in Eustachio II Caffe. The Felicia Marie was established in 1938 and its history is very sweet and one can search this place to know more details in order to get satisfied.

In the mid-morning there are market places where one can stop and hang out and they are located in Campo de Fiori. Fresh local fruits and flowers are some of the product which are sold by stalls and they are used to give authentic taste of Rome. Ponte Garibaldi is another place where you can hang out and have the viewpoint of Tiber Island.

In lunchtime there are sample of Italian delicious food which one should be ready to taste them. Some of the food which are available include pizza and it could be seen as a bad habit if one visits this place and go without tasting this meal. There are different flavors of grilled vegetables which are contained in seasonal menu which is available in Felicia Marie.

In order to have a good view of Roman rooftops and ruins there is a place to climb after meal called Altera Della Patria. In order to tell the stories of victory in Dacian wars there are forums which one can take and they are called Trajan and Caesar.

Freni e Frizoni is a place where one can go after a long tiresome day and have a cool evening as one takes pre-dinner cocktail. As you say goodbye to this place one try to have a sample of Roman classic meal such as spaghetti or some brilliant fish dishes and not leaving behind the wine list.

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